In Virginia, Class 5 Felony is one of the felony classes. Felonies are often punishable by life imprisonment and even death and the lesser serious offenses result in the punishment of 12 months in jail. As per the law of Virginia, there are total six classes of felonies that are classified by the severity of

Solicitation of a minor in Loudoun Virginia

In Loudoun Virginia law code chapter 8 of title 18.2 prostitution is defined as: β€œAny person who, for money or its equivalent, commits adultery, fornication or any act in violation of 18.2 – 361, or offers to commit adultery, fornication or any act in violation of 18.2 – 361 and thereafter does any substantial act

Sexual Battery Law in Annapolis Maryland

The sexual battery can be defined as a non-consensual touch of the private parts of another person. At least in Florida, “Sexual battery means oral, anal or vaginal penetration by, or union with, another’s sexual organ or the anal or vaginal penetration of another by any other object” Sexual battery is the purposeful participating in

Richmond – Virginia Foreclosure Laws

According to the state law of Virginia, any homeowner and tenant behind their mortgage payments will only get one official 14-day notice of sale. Richmond – Virginians must treat this notice as a final warning before they lose their house to foreclosure. Fortunately, in the majority of these cases, the federal law intervenes the bank

Prostitution and Solicitation Attorney in Arlington Virginia

Prostitution and its cases are increasing rapidly as it was expected in Arlington Virginia. There are various law firms that address the implications related to the prostitution and solicitation attorney in Arlington Virginia. Prostitution is known as the sexual practice or activity against money or services between the transacting parties. There are various laws over

Prince William child pornography attorney

The production, possession, and distribution of pornographic images are known as child pornography. In Virginia, these three categories come in different felony and the criminal doing this act will be charged according to the category. People tend to post child private parts and nude body in photos, videos, social media, and magazines. These days child

Loudoun Carnal Knowledge Lawyer

Carnal knowledge is one of those sexual crimes which includes forcible fellatio and sodomy. It sometimes goes filthier when victims face bizarre object penetration. Majority victims are the children aged between 10 and 15 years. The state of Virginia has a specific code section related to carnal knowledge which is ’18.2-63’. Each felony has its

Indecent liberties lawyer Hanover Virginia

This fact has observed that when it comes to following the laws in Hanover Virginia, then this fact has observed that there are some people who have to face issues. Every person wants to get rid of such problems and tries to find ways. When it comes to finding an indecent liberties lawyers, then there

How to lower a reckless driving charge in Fairfax VA?

Reckless driving is considered to be a serious crime committed, violating the traffic regulations set by the Government. Under the light of laws prescribed by the US government reckless driving is defined as the offense committed by the driver while driving. Reckless driving is considered to be dangerous even more than that of inappropriate or