Alexandria – Virginia Hit and Run Lawyer

According to the Code of Virginia § 46.2-894.

“Duty of driver to stop, etc., in event of accident involving injury or death or damage to attended property; penalty.”

The Charges of Hit and Run in Alexandria – Virginia

Also known as “failure to report an accident”, any Alexandria driver being charged with hit and run will be held for its grave and severe penalties set by the state of Virginia. As per Virginia’s Commonwealth, any driver involved in an accident is liable to stop and stay where that accident took place. If the driver has fled the accident scene, the law enforcement authorities will not consider who was responsible for the cause of the accident.

Legally, the driver is responsible to stay put and report the following information to the relevant law-enforcement authorities:

  1. name,
  2. driver’s license number,
  • residential address,
  1. vehicle registration number.

If the accident occurred has been such that the victim requires medical care, the driver is obligated to give aid and assistance in taking the victim to the hospital. Any Alexandria driver being charged with a hit and run offense will permanently stay on the driver’s criminal record.

If You Have Been Involved In an Accident, Do Not Leave the Accident Scene

In the state of Virginia, if any Alexandria driver finds himself or herself in a car accident, they are required by law to stay at the location. If they attempt to leave the accident scene, they will be perpetrating an illegal act. The involved driver is required to stop and stay put at the scene, offer any help and support to the victim, and provide all of the relevant info questioned by the relevant law enforcement officers.

As per the Code of Virginia’s law, “hit and run” drivers will be dealt with stern and grave actions, irrespective of the cause of the accident. The Virginian law enforcement authorities will hold both accountable, driver and accompanying passenger. If the driver involved in an accident is found driving with a passenger alongside, the passenger will also be part of the case and dealt with accordingly.

Have You Been Charged With A Hit And Run? Contact Your Alexandria – Virginian Attorney

Depending on your situation and case, the state of Virginia will take your action of leaving the accident scene as a misdemeanor or a felony. You can be penalized by being imprisoned, having to pay a hefty fine, losing your driving privileges and having your license suspended.

If you have been involved or charged or in a car accident where you left the scene, you need to get the help and assistance from your Virginian lawyer. The penalty and punishment for a hit and run charge can take a toll on your life. You need to be familiar with all your defense options that your Virginian lawyer is an expert on. Your lawyer is also familiar with the entire trial process. Hire an experienced and skilled traffic law attorney to help you defend and win your case.