Defining Various Child Sexual Abuse Laws in Virginia

There are various categories of sexual abuse laws in Virginia. In order to clearly understand these laws, it is important to first discuss and understand the definition of abuse and what the law implicates with regard to the child sexual abuse laws in Virginia.

Any abuser as per the Virginia Administrative code is defined as a person who is found guilty to have committed the abuse of a child. Virginia Administrative code has also established various types of child sexual abuse which includes:

  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Sexual Molestation
  • Intercourse and Sodomy
  • Establishing Sexual Gratification or Arousal

Sexual abuse of a child occurs when an act of sexual exploitation or any kind of sexual act is performed upon a child. Such an act comes under child sexual abuse law. If such an act is committed or is allowed to be committed by the child’s parents or guardians or any other person who is concerned with the care and authority of the child then he or she shall be convicted as offenders too.

All sexual acts and violations are carefully examined and investigated under the child sexual abuse laws in Virginia.

Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation is rather a complicated area as it also involves the caretakers of the child. If the caretaker of the child allows, encourages or permits a child to engage, involve or perform in prostitution then it is regarded as sexual exploitation. This also includes if the caretaker allows, permits, encourages, or engages in the indecent or obscene act of child pornography, filming or depicting a child engaging in any kind of a sexual activity or act. Child sexual abuse laws in Virginia also contain other forms of sexual abuses which includes:

  • Indecent solicitation of a child with verbal, written or any other kind of medium which is done for the sole purpose of sexual arousal, delight, sexual gratification or even stimulation
  • Exposing any private body part to a child for the sole purpose of sexual arousal or gratification
  • Forcing a child to watch obscene or indecent pornographic sexual content
  • Exposing the child to indecent simulated acts of masturbation, sodomy, sexual intercourse or physical contact. This may also include other sexual stimulation acts or gratification with a person’s private body parts
  • French kissing a child under the age of thirteen by an adult caretaker

Sexual Molestation

As per the child sexual abuse laws in Virginia, sexual molestation is when a sexual act is committed with the intention to sexually molest, gratify or arouse any person which includes

  • The caretaker or any person who touches a child’s intimate or private body parts
  • The caretaker or any other person forcing the child to touch his or her intimate parts
  • The caretaker or any other person causing or assisting a child who is under the age of 13 to touch the caretaker’s, the child’s own or other person’s intimate body parts

Intercourse or sodomy under child sexual abuse laws in Virginia includes but are not limited to such acts which are known as oral sex, vaginal intercourse, object penetration or anal penetration.

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