Discussing the Scope of Child Molestation Laws in Virginia

It is important to know the extent of child molestation laws in Virginia before they are applicable, In general terms, child molestation can be defined as an act, which is committed with the intention of sexual arousal, or to gratify the person. Then there are a number of situational circumstances under the child molestation laws in Virginia, which includes, but not limited to:

  • A caretaker of a child who touches the child’s private body parts in an indecent manner with the intention of sexual arousal
  • A caretaker who forces the child to touch the caretaker’s or any other person’s intimate or private parts for sexual arousal.
  • A caretaker who forces a person to touch a child’s intimate or private body parts
  • A caretaker who assists a child, who is less than thirteen years, to touch the caretaker’s, the child’s own or any other person’s intimate or private parts.

It sometimes gets difficult to convict any person of molestation crimes under the child molestation laws in Virginia. Many laws, policies and regulations, find it quite complex to convict any person accused of child molestation due to the lack of evidence. It is important for reporting and concerned authorities to properly investigate and analyze all child molestation crimes, along with the tracking of complaints of suspected child abuses. All suspected offenders of child abuse from any agency, schools or colleges must be detained till the evidence gets cleared under the child molestation laws in Virginia.

Variations and Discrepancies

There are still a lot of confusions regarding child molestation laws in Virginia, according to the variations or discrepancies received by various agencies and law enforcement agencies. These concerns include the investigation and tracking of alleged cases of child molestation. It is also evident that these variations or discrepancies create opportunities for child molestation laws in Virginia and impose strict penalties for the offenders.

There are many child molestation cases in which individuals who are alleged to have committed child molestation, destroy evidence, intimidate children, minors or otherwise interfere with the conduct of such an investigation being carried out. However, it is recommended for such child molestation cases to reduce as many discrepancies as it is possible. Law enforcement agencies should be able to increase their efforts, quality and effectiveness to receive, investigate and track alleged cases of child molestation.

In order for law enforcement agencies to work effectively and strengthen their scope for child molestation laws in Virginia, it is important to review, examine and re-address previous relevant literature, regulations, policies and statutes regarding child molestation.

Importance of Strengthening Child Molestation Laws

Child molestation is a serious problem and threat to affect any community or society. Victims of child molestation can experience trauma and many negative short and long-term consequences, which can affect their lifestyle in the later years. Similar to child sexual offenses, child molestation is a highly underreported and underrated crime, thus making less accurate incidents and prevalence rates difficult to estimate. Therefore, it is important that all cases of child molestation be handled appropriately and immediately by law enforcement agencies with a limited timeframe for conviction.