Looking Forward to Some Unique Reckless Driving Defenses in Virginia

Reckless driving crimes can make you pay huge sums of money, as well as serving a tiring jail time. If you commit reckless driving crimes, then you would be charged with paying extra court fees, attorney fees, registration fees and the penalty fine charges as well. In order to save yourself from paying all of these, here are some unique possible reckless driving defenses in Virginia, which can be applied by your lawyer to save you from the reckless driving crimes.

Proving the General Reckless Driving Crime

So if you are charged under the Virginal Code of reckless driving crimes, it would probably because you have committed one or more reckless driving crimes. But then it is also necessary to prove such a crime in court. If you were involved in an accident, the law enforcement officer, who claims that you have committed reckless driving and as a result of your reckless driving, have caused the accident. It would be up to your lawyer to come to your aid and with a possible defense scenario. One possible scenario for such a kind of reckless driving circumstance is that your lawyer can come up with the reckless driving defense that you drove in such a way that no endangered life, limb or property was damaged.

It certainly provides with a main reckless driving defense in Virginia, for such kind of cases. The law enforcement officer can’t just make claims or guess what happened to impose a reckless driving crime. The court needs profound and concrete evidence to prove or dismiss the reckless driving crime. The court can also rule out the mere happenings of the accident can say that it wasn’t reckless driving. The possible reckless driving defense in Virginia in this case scenario can prove worthwhile. However, the main evidence can be against you and will probably need you to present your statement to the court or the officer.

Another possible reckless driving defense in Virginia which can be successfully implemented by you or your legal lawyer is that you can simply say that your tire slipped off and as a result, you lost control of your car. You can even go on to say that your foot slipped off from the pedal as well. Such statements can be enough for the judge to find you not responsible for the reckless driving charge. Your legal lawyer has to come up with unique reckless driving defenses in Virginia to save you from conviction. You can also present your statements, provided that you have discussed it with your lawyer prior, and if you don’t make any statements or even if your statements are vague, confusing or don’t make any sense then the jury can have a strong argument against you and the case would be proven that you were driving recklessly.

Most of the time, lawyers advice not to say anything to the police officer, at the time of the incident of arrest; anything said or provided can might be used against you in the court. Other possible unique reckless driving defense in Virginia can be, that you hung up on errors or mistakes in the report of your reckless driving which your lawyer can also use as a defense to state that the report itself is not authentic to have your case dismissed.