Reckless Driving First Offense in Virginia

It is the responsibility of law enforcement agencies to reduce traffic-related fatalities, injuries, and accidents which happen on roads and highways. Research studies have been conducted to show that effective State and local traffic safety laws, rules and regulations and violations can both help and play an important role in reducing motor vehicle accidents. As long as there will be penalty charges related to the reckless driving first offense in Virginia, people will be more vigilant and conscious about the speed limit and speed related violations.

It is important to impose reckless driving first offense in Virginia so that people start knowing about the offenses which can lead them to pay fine charges. By establishing reckless driving first offense in Virginia, it can help to facilitate the comparison of first, second and third level offense in the particular subject areas.

The Three Classes of Offenses

The three classes of offenses include first offense, second offense, and the third offense. These level of offenses are established accordingly for different road conditions, speed violations, speed limits, highways and roads, different types of vehicles at different times of the day or for even driving under different various weather conditions. These offenses are established under proper law implications and traffic and roads rules and regulations. You can charge with either one or more level of offenses which can have different implications, charges or penalties. Judging by their levels, the first one being less severe, and the second being more than the first one and the third one being most severe.

A law enforcement officer or the court can expand their authority to award these offense level. The reckless driving first offense in Virginia is less severe as compared with the other two. These level of offenses can raise the conclusive presumption of the maximum safe speed. State and local law enforcement officials can convict any person with these reckless driving offense level in or to establish maximum safe speed limits for bridges, roads or highways. The level offenses do not list any specific criminal sanction, however generally, these level of offenses may include:

First Offense

These level of offenses are likely to be controlling. The first offense could generally include a jail time of ten days or less.

Second Offense

The second offense could lead to a jail time of 20 days or less or a fine of $200 or less or both.

Third Offense

The third offense is more harsh and severe which could lead you to a jail time of six months or a fine of $500 or less or even both.

There could be other penalties which can be imposed upon the driver, depending upon the nature of the traffic or speeding violations. The reckless driving first offense in Virginia seems to be less severe as compared with the other two. People who are under the age of eighteen, can receive demerit points for violation or commit reckless driving crimes. The reckless driving first offense can also include being awarded demerit points, which would be added to your driving history. This could also include you to attend a proper driver improvement clinic or an institution as well.