Why you need a lawyer to fight your reckless driving case

A reckless driving charge in Virginia can lead to harsh penalties, such as imprisonment, high fine, revocation of license, or permanent criminal record, which is why taking the indictment seriously, is important. You can also face additional charges if you fail to turn up at court.

It is important to consult and take the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately if you’ve been charged with reckless driving to start strategizing your defense and review your options. A practiced lawyer would be able to clarify the law as it applies to the facts of your particular case and how to achieve the best possible outcome in your situation.

You don’t have to comply and agree to pay the fine right away, the judge can be reasoned with over several factors, which would help you in reducing your reckless driving charge, such as:

  • speedometer reading incorrectly
  • a good driving record
  • radar calibration issues
  • a legitimate emergency

A prolific attorney would be able to successfully persuade the judge and even if getting convicted is inevitable, they can help lessen your impending punishment significantly. Particularly, in the counties of Spotsylvania, Stafford, King George and Fredericksburg, where the judges employ substantial discretion when it comes to reckless driving charges and an attorney is going to prove to be extremely useful to get your penalty reduced.

It is possible to get a reckless driving charge reduced to “improper driving”, which is considered as a mere traffic infraction and not a felony if the driver is evidenced to not be as culpable. This would decrease your fine to less than $500 and it only adds three DMV demerit points, which expire after three years. The ticket can also be completely dismissed in some jurisdiction, like Spotsylvania County and Stafford County if the driver attends a driver improvement clinic.

Your objective should be to get your ticket either dismissed or reduced as much as possible. A traffic lawyer can help evaluate the particular facts of your case and determine your options, maneuvering the cause in your favor.