Virginia Custody Laws By A Virginia Child Custody Lawyer

There are many different custody laws in Virginia.  Each custody case is unique and how the Virginia custody laws apply to your case is entirely dependent on the facts of your case.

Virginia Custody Laws Lawyer Attorneys

Virginia Custody Laws Lawyer Attorneys

If you are dealing with a custody case in Virginia, it is critical that your Virginia custody lawyer be aware of the different Virginia custody laws and how those laws apply to your case.

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The following are some of the custody laws in Virginia:

Virginia Custody Law § 20-124.1. Definitions

As used in this chapter:

“Joint custody” means (i) joint legal custody where both parents retain joint responsibility for the care and control of the child and joint authority to make decisions concerning the child even though the child’s primary residence may be with only one parent, (ii) joint physical custody where both parents share physical and custodial care of the child, or (iii) any combination of joint legal and joint physical custody which the court deems to be in the best interest of the child.

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Virginia Custody Law § 20-124.2. Court-ordered custody and visitation arrangements

In any case in which custody or visitation of minor children is at issue, whether in a circuit or district court, the court shall provide prompt adjudication, upon due consideration of all the facts, of custody and visitation arrangements, including support and maintenance for the children, prior to other considerations arising in the matter.

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Virginia Custody Law § 20-124.3. Best interests of the child; visitation

In determining best interests of a child for purposes of determining custody or visitation arrangements including any pendente lite orders pursuant to § 20-103, the court shall consider the following:

  1. The age and physical and mental condition of the child, giving due consideration to the child’s changing developmental needs;
  2. The age and physical and mental condition of each parent;

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Virginia Custody Law § 20-124.5. Notification of relocation.

In any proceeding involving custody or visitation, the court shall include as a condition of any custody or visitation order a requirement that thirty days’ advance written notice be given to the court and the other party by any party intending to relocate and of any intended change of address, unless the court, for good cause shown, orders otherwise. The court may require that the notice be in such form and contain such information as it deems proper and necessary under the circumstances of the case.

Virginia Custody Law § 20-146.1. Definitions

In this act:

“Child” means an individual who has not attained eighteen years of age.

“Child custody determination” means a judgment, decree, or other order of a court providing for the legal custody, physical custody, or visitation with respect to a child. The term includes a permanent, temporary, initial, or modification order. The term does not include an order relating to child support or other monetary obligation of an individual.

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